Me and MikeRax and Trax Farms located in Amsterdam Ohio is your source in Carroll, Columbiana, Jefferson, Stark, and Summit County for pasture raised Heritage Beef and Pork delivered to your door.  You no longer have to buy the whole cow or pig to have farm fresh meats at your fingers. We deliver it to you and to a market near you!

All of our meats are processed and vacuum sealed at an USDA or ODA inspected facility.  We are licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture to warehouse our meats, and by the Carroll County Health Department to deliver to market and your door!

What are Heritage Breeds?
What do we raise?  We raise some funny looking characters here on the farm.  Our cows are Scottish Highlands and our Bright Red Pigs are Hereford.  Both are considered a heritage breed.  They are breeds that were common before industrialized farming took hold.  Check out the article the Canton Repository did here for some more info on our unique offerings.
You won’t find these types of beef and pork your local grocery store.  Because commercial farming requires fast turn around and large animals these breeds are not well suited for commercial operations.  They take longer to grow but provide health benefits you cannot find in grocery store beef and pork nor other breeds along with flavor profiles that make them well suited for even the pickiest foodies out there.  Queen Elizabeth herself will only eat Scottish Highland Beef (google it, you’ll see!)
 Click shop to see what we have in inventory and try it for yourself. Schedule your very own delivery here! You won’t be disappointed!  Not sure what to do with it? Follow us on Facebook and our blog  to get actual recipes we use right here at home for all of the different cuts we sell.